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Kusina Kings (2018) Full Movie Online

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Despite obvious differences, easy-go-lucky kitchen naive Ronnie and chef restaurateur Benjie have been best friends since high school. When Benjie decided to put up his own restaurant La Luna Sa Hungry, Ronnie has never left his side – especially now that Benjie has joined in the shady “Kusina King Challenge” to save the restaurant.

The two best friends, however, have a falling out when Ronnie has wrongly given Benjie’s startup money forthe Challenge to a scammer. Things then go out of proportion with Ronnie accidentally placing Benjie in a coma. Benjie does not know that it is Ronnie’s fault – and Ronnie does not want to confess to Benjie either.

A peculiar phenomenon happens when Ronnie bumps into Benjie’s wandering spirit. Discovering that he can only touch Ronnie, Benjie prods his best friend to cook on his behalf for the upcoming Challenge while he ghostly manipulates. Wishing to cover up his wrongdoing, guilty Ronnie obliges.

As the two try to save La Luna Sa Hungry despite tangible bizarre topsy-turvy awkwardness, will Ronnie and Benjie be able to cook the perfect recipe for their friendship? (Source: Star Cinema)

Native Title: Kusina Kings
Also Known As:
Genres: Food, Comedy

Zanjoe Marudo
Main Role Kusina Kings - Empoy Marquez
Empoy Marquez
Main Role Kusina Kings - Ryan Bang
Ryan Bang
Main Role

Kusina Kings (2018) Full Movie Online

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